The Union International de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM) hosts a range of sub-sports that are affiliated with and can build up to the Modern Pentathlon.

Olympic Sports

UIPM Modern Pentathlon – The flagship sport, combining all five disciplines in one exciting day of competition.  Every four years the skill, fitness and courage of athletes is tested during the swimming, fencing, horse riding and combined event (running and shooting).  The Modern Pentathlon has been a core sport in the Olympic Games since its first introduction in 1912.

UIPM Sports

UIPM Modern Pentathlon – the flagship sport is again the pinnacle that competitors work towards.  Competition consists of the swimming, fencing, riding, and combined event (run and shoot).


UIPM Tetrathlon – this is the last step before graduating to modern pentathlon – the tetrathlon consists of 4 out of 5 of the sports – swimming, fencing and combined event.  These are also the same events that youth pentathletes compete.


UIPM Triathle – developed in 2013, the triathle is a relatively new sport to the world of UIPM and pentathlon.  Athletes compete in 3 out of 5 events – swimming and combined event.  Internationally, pentathlon organisations are finding that the triathle is a great starting point for school-aged kids into the world of pentathlon.


UIPM Biathle – the biathle consists of only 2 out of 5 of the sports – the run and swim, and is structured in a continuous race-like format, unlike the other sub-sports of pentathlon where there is usually a break between each discipline.  The swim and run is usually a 200m swim then 3km run, so it is shorter than but still bears similarities to aquathlon, the precursor to a conventional triathlon sport (swim, bike, run).


UIPM World Schools Biathle – the schools biathle is again the swim and run disciplines.  However in this format the disciplines are competed as separate, non-continuous races.  The sport developed for youth-aged athletes only, to expose young athletes to the UIPM modern pentathlon and scoring systems.  It also provides a opportunity for State and National Federations to identify young talent and catch athletes for development to a full pentathlon.


UIPM Laser Run – developed in 2014, the laser run is the newest sub-sport in the pentathlon family of sports.  It consists of 2 out of the 5 disciplines – the run and shoot, in the same event format as the combined event.


UIPM Family

Masters – Masters competitions were developed to encourage older athletes to continue with the sport of modern pentathlon, contribute to the development of the sport, and provide inspiration for youngsters.  The basic format of the modern pentathlon or tetrathlon is the same, with age-group-specific differences in length of race (for example having shorter swim and run distances).

University – recently developed and added to the program in 2014, UIPM joined forces with FISU (Federation International du Sport Universitaire) to introduce the sport of modern pentathlon (and its sub-sports) to universities worldwide, including the establishment of joint UIPM/FISU events that will lead up to the first inclusion of Modern Tetrathlon into the World University Championships in 2018.

Para Pentathlon – still in the early stages of conception, the UIPM has a vision to develop a Paralympic Pentathlon to increase accessibility of the sport to any age, gender, race, or disability.

Credit for each sub-sport logo goes to the UIPM Website.