Modern Pentathlon Queensland is one cog in the highly successful wheel that is the international modern pentathlon family.  Below you will find some information about where Modern Pentathlon Queensland fits into this international heirarchy.


The governing body of modern pentathlon is the Union Internationale de Pentathlon Moderne (UIPM).


Australia falls into the continental confederation group of countries known as Oceania.  These countries include:  Australia, Guam, and New Zealand.


The national body that oversees modern pentathlon in Australia is Modern Pentathlon Australia.


Modern Pentathlon is currently played in the following states:  QLD, NSW, VIC, and WA.  This is the category that Modern Pentathlon Queensland falls into, as it oversees the sporting opportunities and development within QLD.  We are here to promote the international Olympic sport that is Modern Pentathlon.  And remember:  the main thing is to get in there and have fun!