Zone 1 PCAQ Embraces Tetrathlon

In a wonderful continuation of the tetrathlon adventure, PCAQ zone 1 has embraced the ‘pony club tetrathlon’ by dedicating two days of their zone camp to sessions developing understanding of the swim, run and jump phases of the competition and immersing themselves into the shooting skills required for this fourth of the four elements of the tetrathlon.


Well aware of both the opportunity and responsibility in trying this new and exciting element, a great emphasis was also placed on education of weapon safety and management.
With approximately 120 young athletes coming through the sessions and the additional fifty or so adults /coaches who enthusiastically also asked to take part, it was innovative, educational and a load of fun!


With tetrathlon involving a (max) 4 minute swim, a (max) 1500m run, and a derby style jump competition, the fourth element calls for a shooting competition. In this, the athlete shoots 3 minutes to shoot 5targets. After a break, this is repeated, shooting five targets again within three minutes. Worth a maximum of 10 points each shot (for a bullseye) , there is a potential 100 points able to be gained for the total 10 shots.


The derby style jump course involves a series of efforts, in the middle being a task or obstacle of a gate and/or a slip rail to be negotiated. The maximum height of any jump is 85cm. Most jumps must have a faultable rail, meaning a rail which can be displaced.


The excitement of this wonderful event celebrates an all round athlete. It is a wonderful encouragement to all involved to see the excitement, motivation and enthusiasm with which all took part over these 2 days.


A huge thank you to Modern Pentathlon QLD and Modern Pentathlon Australia for support in sourcing and supplying the premium quality equipment for these activities. Thank you also to the MPQ committee who so enthusiastically support PCAQ. And thank you also to PCAQ for encouraging and embracing, like the athletes, this fabulous sport.


Yours in sport and education,
Cathy McCarthy
Modern Pentathlon QLD
PCAQ Level B instructor


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