Modern Pentathlon Queensland Championships, October 4 2015

Athletes gathered on a perfect morning at the Bellbowrie swimming pool on the morning of October 4, for the Modern Pentathlon Qld State championship for 2015.
Bellbowrie swimming pool has had a superb rebuild since the difficulties of the 2011 and 2013 floods which inundated many lower parts of western Brisbane. The buildings, the grounds, the pool and the surrounds are beautifully presented, clean, fresh and inviting. We are very grateful and proud to call this venue our base for Modern Pentathlon Qld Swimming 2015.


Athletes from Under 12 male and females, through to Youth, seniors and masters came together for the first phase of the competition. Swimming 50m, 100m or 200m depending on their section, these were efficiently completed in the 50m pool which was a most pleasant 24 degrees. With the timing controlled by Queensland’s own UIPM International judge, Mark Taylor, all were off to a good start.
Highest point scorer of this phase went to one of our youngest competitors, young Jack Taylor with a great swim in his 50m. Well done Jack.
With scores tabulated, athletes then made their way to the beautiful Brookfield Showgrounds venue.

Sitting in the heart of western Brisbane, the Showgrounds are always beautifully kept and play a very special role in our community now, just as it has done since the land was set aside in 1872 and the Reserve was officially set in place from 1921. This historic reserve is still flourishing very much due to the diligence of the trustees, the many committees who support its maintenance and use, the community and supporters far and wide who contribute to the life of the Showgrounds Reserve, and to the many people who partake in activities in the grounds. Modern Pentathlon Qld is very proud to call this the Home of Modern Pentathlon Qld in 2015.
The Fencing phase was conducted in the historic hall at the Showgrounds. All were kept busy for the next 2 hours as each athlete completed 35 bouts of competition. In this way all athletes had competed against each other. Wins and losses were recorded. This day also incorporated a separate set of non-state awards for the fencing section, allowing those who are solely fencing athletes to partake. A little over two hours of entertaining, vigorous and skilled competition ensued. Once again, points were allocated and added to the swim scores already completed. Joint winners of the fencing were Silvia Bunk and Megan Kennedy.

The third phase of the Modern pentathlon is the showjumping. The magnificent arena provided a perfect place to test skills in guiding an unknown horse over a series of obstacles, designed to test the rider and horse combination. With the selections offered by Modern Pentathlon, some choose not to include showjumping as part of their competition. This is then known as a UIPM Tetrathlon. There is also the capacity to compete in the pony club tetrathlon, which includes a swim, shoot, run and showjump, competing on their own horse or pony. Modern Pentathlon Qld is looking forward to offering this option again in December at its twilight competition here at the Showgrounds.

Due to the incredible support of our local community members, we again were able to access good quality horses for this phase. Riders are given 20 minutes to warm up their mount and are allowed to practice a maximum of 5 obstacles as part of their warm up. They are assessed to be capable of competing before they are allowed out onto the course for their jump round. It is a great spectacle to watch and provides great entertainment to the viewer. All riders completed this section competently and without penalty. Above are the winners of the senior, youth B and masters jump phase.
The final phase of the competition is the run/shoot combination.

In a full adult modern pentathlon, athletes run from a start point into the shoot area, usually around 50m. They then attempt to shoot a target 5 times, upon which they can leave this station and complete an 800m run around a given course. The athletes come back into the shoot area and repeat their efforts for 5 targets, run another 800m, and then twice again. Athletes complete a total of 3.2km in the run phase. The accurate shooter may leave for their run in as little as 10 seconds. The maximum time allowed is 50 seconds, after which they replace their weapon to the table and complete the next run section. The start for this phase is staggered according to points gained in the other sections to this point. Our best female shooter for this phase was Jessie-Claire Smith and male was Hamish Boyd.
The first over the line at the end of the final run is declared the winner.

We were pleased to present champions in Under 12s, Youth, seniors and masters for 2015. In addition, certificates were presented to the winners and place getters of the Fencing competition conducted on the day. Future events will incorporate separate awards during competition for the run phase, the shoot phase and the swim phase on our competition days. Exciting times are ahead for Modern Pentathlon Queensland.

We would like to acknowledge and thank the many people and groups involved in assisting Modern Pentathlon Qld with this event. Thank you to the Brookfield Recreation Reserve Trust, the Bellbowrie Swimming pool, The Brookfield Horse and Pony Club, the committee of Modern Pentathlon Queensland, the parents and friends who have supported the activities and the sport this year, and the athletes for whom we make it all happen. It is a tremendous test of an all-round athlete and we look forward to December 11 at which we will be conducting the ‘Brisbane Challenge’ Modern Pentathlon competition again at our Brookfield Base. We look forward to seeing you there.
Cathy McCarthy.
Modern Pentathlon Queensland.

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