Member’s News November 2015

Congratulations Hamish Boyd.  Currently our state champion for Modern Pentathlon 2015, he has added to his achievements with a win at the Queensland Combined Events Championships on the Gold Coast this weekend. 7 events including Hurdles, High Jump, shot put, 200m sprint, long jump, javelin and 800m. Winning or placing 2nd in 6 of the eight events, Hamish held on despite an elbow injury to take the gold.
Hamish Boyd , Queensland Combined Events U16 Champion 2015.
Well done Hamish!
Congratulations also to Taylor McCarthy Smith.
Currently also our State Champion 2015 for Modern Pentathlon Queensland.  Pulled out all the stops in a fierce competition on the weekend at the Queensland Combined Events Championships 2015.
With 13 great competitors, the places for medals could not be decided until the tally for the last event and all the girls did an extremely good job.  Involving Hurdles (6th), High jump (2nd), Shot put (6th), 200m (2nd), Long jump (4th), Javelin (4th) and a great 800m (1st), the places chopped and changed throughout the competition.
Taylor nabbed the silver medal with an impressive 4206 points, which also places her in the Queensland A-Squad for Athletics.
Congratulations Taylor.  Great job!

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