Australian Olympic Committee Cocktail Party, 18 Feb 2016

Dear members of Modern Pentathlon QLD.

On the 18th Feb I had the honour of representing our members at the Australian Olympic committee cocktail party held at the home of Olympians Mark and Tracey Stockwell, ‘Wanganui’ at Yeronga.

It was a delight to represent Modern Pentathlon QLD at this function. I managed to have a chat with Christian Sprenger, David McKeon, Suzie O’Neill and Natalie Cook about enthusing our future athletes through the achievements of these fine Olympians.

We, of course, have played our part in helping to get our athletes to Rio. The wonderful brother/sister duo in Max and Chloe Esposito (and their family) have kindly shared experiences and travelled up here to Brisbane to compete.

Chloe received her first qualifier on her road to Rio here at our Olympic trial in December of 2014. Max and I first met when, as a young 14 year old, he and my daughter competed at the NSW state Modern pentathlon championships. Even then, his kindness was evident is he helped provide myself a little support and coaching during the fencing phase as I competed in the masters section of MP in Sydney.

And so we need to keep excited about the opportunities we can take advantage of in QLD. We need to support the sport and support our elite athletes as they make their way to Rio.

I have taken a few photos to share…

Regards to all and hoping we will see you on the 28th of this month for our modern pentathlon competition in Brisbane, and then join us around the traps for our various trainings opportunities. There are fencing competitions in the near future and training evenings at Camp Hill on Tuesday and Thursday nights, swim club takes place at Bellbowrie pool and shooting practice Wed, Thurs and Friday afternoons at the Brookfield showgrounds. (phone Cathy beforehand to check).

We look forward to sharing with you a wonderful year of sport.

Kind regards,

Cathy McCarthy
Modern Pentathlon QLD

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